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Turnover of service industries

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Preliminary data: Turnover in services grew in October
30 Nov 2021
According to Statistics Finland's preliminary data, the working day adjusted turnover in service industries grew by 12.5 per cent in October 2021 compared with October 2020. The development was partly due to the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus one year earlier. Services are here examined exclusive of trade.

Description: The index of turnover of service industries describes development in the turnover of service branch enterprises (excluding trade). Turnover for the largest enterprises in their respective industries is described with the data collected with the sales inquiry while the data on sales obtained from the Tax Administration's self-assessed tax data are exploited to describe the turnover of other enterprises. Turnover is exclusive of value added tax. In addition, a volume index is produced on service industries, from which the impact of prices has been eliminated.
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Keywords: business cycles, economic fluctuation, indices, industries, producer price index for services, producer prices, services, turnover, volume index.
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Change: New tables for the index of turnover of service industries on 15 October 2021
15 Oct 2021
Statistics Finland starts publishing data on revisions to the turnover and volume data of service industries in the StatFin database service.

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