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15 Mar 2019 What are National Accounts built from?

National Accounts are a huge statistical system to which data flow from several different sources. Watch the video to see how the whole picture of the economy is built.

11 Mar 2019 Statistics Finland examines the education and training of persons with foreign background

In spring 2019, Statistics Finland will carry out an inquiry related to the education and training of the foreign population. The inquiry is directed to persons with foreign background living in Finland whose qualifications attained abroad are not known.

8 Mar 2019 Data on wage and salary indices for January 2019 are not published

Statistics Finland will not publish data on the wage and salary indices for January 2019 because of deficiencies in the data. Deficiencies in the data are caused by that all the required data have not yet been reported to the Incomes Register. Further information

7 Mar 2019 Industrial classification of video game enterprises is reviewed - enterprises transferred from programming to publishing

Statistics Finland has reviewed the industrial classification of close on 300 enterprises, whose business activity is related to video games. As a result of the inquiry, the industrial classification of close on 30 enterprises was changed. As a consequence, enterprises, turnover and staff years are moved between industries in the statistics.

28 Feb 2019 National Accounts will be reviewed: publishing becomes faster and more consistent

Statistics Finland is speeding up the publishing of annual national accounts. From this year onwards, preliminary annual data are already updated in connection with quarterly data. The first accelerated preliminary annual statistics will be released on 20 June 2019.


Changes in statistics

7 March 2019 Statistics compilation on rents of dwellings will be renewed

1 March 2019 Statistics on income distribution will be combined in 2019

20 February 2019 Reviews to the calculation of the Producer Price Index

19 February 2019  The Consumer Price Index's database table No 011 is not updated any more after 2018












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