About us

Statistics Finland produces reliable and impartial statistics on Finnish society. Statistics Finland’s task is to process data accumulated from various data sources into statistics and bring them to the benefit of all Finns: citizens, decision-makers, researchers and other information users.

We produce the vast majority of Official Statistics of Finland, which we develop together with other producers of statistics. Statistics are also planned and guided in international networks where we are active.

Statistics Finland is an independently acting government agency belonging to the administrative sector of the Ministry of Finance. Around 800 experts in various fields are working at Statistics Finland.

How do we compile statistics?

Most of the statistics we collect from diverse register data – data concerning the population derive from the Population Register and income data from the Incomes Register.

Data not available from registers are inquired from citizens and organisations. Each year we receive around 350,000 responses to inquiries. Every respondent is important to us.

We continuously develop the use of new data sources as well. For example, we utilise data available on the websites of service providers and frequently updated monitoring data published by different parties, such as traffic data from automatic measurement points. Register data are processed so that it is not possible to identify the personal data of any individuals.

Statistical data belong to everybody

Statistics Finland's most important task is to publish reliable statistics for everybody's use. Most of the statistical data we produce are freely available on the web.

In addition to statistics, we produce data for researchers that are utilised in research, make various surveys to order based on data, participate in social debate, promote statistical literacy in society, and help information users to find the statistical data they are looking for.

Last updated 21 Mar 2023