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Emissions into air by industry

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Emissions into air by Finns decreased in 2015
05 Oct 2017
Greenhouse gas emissions produced by Finnish residents in Finland and abroad amounted to slightly over 58 million tonnes in 2015, which was around six per cent less than in 2014. Emissions not included in greenhouse gases also fell from the year before. For example, fine particulate emissions went down by over six per cent from one year earlier, being 31,000 tonnes in 2015, while sulphur dioxide emissions fell by around16 per cent to close on 42,000 tonnes. Among the industries, the fall was biggest in energy supply, where greenhouse gas emissions went down by slightly over 18 per cent from the previous year. As a result of the fall, energy supply was no longer the biggest producer of greenhouse gas emissions, unlike in previous years. In 2015, the share of manufacturing in greenhouse gas emissions was biggest, 25 per cent, the share of energy supply was 24 per cent, that of transportation and storage 16 per cent, and that of agriculture 13 per cent.

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26 Sep 2018

Description: In the statistics on emissions into air by industry, emissions are presented according to the industrial classification used in national accounts. In this way, the data on emissions into air can be connected direct to various monetary variables of national accounts. There are 14 emission components in all, from carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides to fine particles and fluorinated greenhouse gases.
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