Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery

Statistics produced under this topic describe agriculture and horticulture, forests and forestry, fishing and game husbandry, and hunting. The statistics contain data on related production activities, prices, income, expenditure, assets and debts, as well as reserves and their use.


Agricultural and horticultural labour force
The statistic describes the agricultural and horticultural labour force.
Annual Game Bag
Number of hunters and hunters' game bag by species and by region and the quantity of meat in the annual game bag.
The food fish and fry production by species and area, number of fish farms and enterprises with natural food pond farmers, quantity of production facilities and the value of food fish production.
Commercial Inland Fishery
Number of commercial fishermen and catches by species, by area and by fishing method in inland waters.
Commercial Marine Fishery
Number of commercial fishermen and distribution of catch and fishing effort per species, by month, by subdivision and fishing method.
Crop Production Statistics
The statistics contain yield data on the most important crops in Finland.
Egg Production
The egg production statistics illustrate the development of egg production by production methods.
Energy consumption of agriculture and horticulture
The statistic describes agriculture and horticulture energy consumption.
Farm Structure Survey
The Farm Structure Survey provides comparable statistical data on the structures of farms and horticultural enterprises in all EEA countries.
Fish Processing
Amount and size of fish processing enterprises and amount of fish processed by species and product group.
Fish Resources
Assessment of fish resources.
Foreign Trade in Fish
The volume and value of foreign trade in fish and fish products by product group and country.
Foreign Trade in Roundwood and Forest Industry Products
Statistics on foreign trade in roundwood and forest industry products are published monthly.
Forest Protection
The statistics report the annual areas of protected forests and areas under restricted forestry use by forestry centre area, forestry land class, protection and felling restriction class and forest protection area type.
Forest industries' wood consumption
The statistics on wood consumption by the forest industries present annual wood consumption information on the use of wood by the forest industries; consumption of domestic and imported roundwood, and forest industry by-products and wood residues.
Forestry as an Investment
The statistics show calculations of return on assets (ROA) that allow comparison between ROAs from shares in forestry (timber production), housing companies, all shares and state obligations.
Horticultural Statistics
The statistics illustrate the structures of horticultural enterprises engaged in commercial production, cultivation in the open and in greenhouses as well as mushroom growing.
Industrial roundwood removals and labour force
Meat Production
The statistics contain monthly and annual information on slaughter volumes (number of carcasses and weight in kilos), average carcass weights and producer prices.
Meat Production by Area
The annual statistics on regional meat production contain data on beef, pork and mutton production by area.
Milk Production by Area
The annual statistics on regional milk production contain data on milk production and the numbers of milk producers by municipality, Employment and Economic Development Centre and EU support area.
Milk and Milkproducts Statistics
The statistics contain monthly and annual information on milk production, the number of milk producers as well as milk product production volumes, domestic sales and inventories, amongst other things.
Number of livestock
Depending on the species, livestock numbers are recorded on 1 April or 1 May and on 1 December.
Operating Profit in Non-Industrial Private Forestry
The statistics present regional data on income and costs in wood production, as well as operating profit in non-industrial private forestry.
Other entrepreneurship in agriculture and horticulture
The statistics describe the other business activities of agricultural and horticultural enterprises and are comparable with statistics on other business activities of agricultural and horticultural enterprises in other EEA countries.
Ownership of Forest Land
The statistics contain information on the forest ownership of private persons by region (forestry centres).
Preliminary Crop Production Statistics
The statistics provide preliminary crop production data on the most important crops in Finland in July and August.
Producer Prices for Fish
The fish price paid to fishermen for fish by species, size class, area and month in the sea area, and the price of vendace in inland waters and farmed rainbow trout by month.
Producer Prices of Agricultural Products
The Producer Prices for Agricultural Products statistics measure the prices received by farmers for their products.
Recreational Fishing
Number of recreational fishermen, fishing days and catches by species, by area and by fishing method.
Roundwood removals and drain
Annual data are given by forestry centre (13 regions) on commercial removals, total roundwood removals and total drain.
Silvicultural and Forest Improvement Work
The statistics show the annual amounts of silvicultural and forest improvement works and the corresponding unit and total costs.
Statistics on cereal purchased, used and stockpiled by industry and trade
Quarterly statistics on the volumes of cereals, turnip rape and oilseed rape purchased directly from farmers and the volumes used by the cereal industry.
Statistics on the finances of agricultural and forestry enterprises
The statistics on the finances of agricultural and forestry enterprises replace the agricultural enterprise and income statistics produced from 1973 to 2004 as well as the agricultural income and tax statistics.
Structure in Agriculture and horticulture businesses
The farm structure statistics provide an overall view of the farm, ownership and production structures of the Finnish agriculture as well as of the number and age distribution of farmers.
Stumpage Earnings
The statistics show annual stumpage earnings based on roundwood removals and stumpage prices.
Use of Crops on Farms
The statistics contain data on use and stocks of grain (wheat, barley, oats and rye) and potatoes on farms by crop year and calendar year.
Utilised Agricultural Area
The statistics contain data on the cultivated areas of the most important crops, fallow areas and other agricultural areas in Finland.
Volumes and prices in industrial roundwood trade
The statistics contain monthly commercial (industrial) roundwood removals as well as forestry labour and machines used in timber harvesting.
Wood Consumption
The statistics on annual wood consumption contain information on the use of wood in the forest industries and in energy generation.
Wood in Energy Generation
The statistics report the annual use of solid wood fuels for energy production in heating and power plants.

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