Turnover estimate of large enterprises

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Turnover of large enterprises remained almost on level with the previous month in November
30 Dec 2020
According to Statistics Finland's preliminary data, the seasonally adjusted turnover of large enterprises grew by 0.1 per cent in November 2020 compared with October. In October, seasonally adjusted turnover grew by 0.5 per cent, while in September, turnover was 0.4 per cent lower than in the month before.

Description: The turnover estimate of large enterprises describes the development of turnover in the most important enterprises in their industries at a lag of around one month from the end of the statistical reference month. The data used for calculating the preliminary data comprise of around 2,000 enterprises in manufacturing, construction, trade and other service industries included in the sales inquiry. Turnover does not include value added tax and as a rule, corresponds to turnover data according to the Accounting Act. For the construction enterprises included in the statistics, turnover comprises domestic sales.
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Keywords: indices, turnover, large enterprises, business cycles, industries.
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Change: Publication of the turnover estimate of large enterprises is discontinued
21 Jan 2021
Statistics Finland discontinues the publication of the turnover estimate of large enterprises.

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