History of Official Statistics of Finland

"The actual skill in official statistics is setting the right questions and getting the right answers, and always remaining so impartial that the statistics can guide with the light of truth anyone willing to use their eyes."

Fr. Th. Berg, Head of the Statistical Office of Sweden, in his statement in 1862 on the establishment of a Finnish Statistical Office.
1865    Statistical Office of Finland was founded.
1866    The first publication in Official Statistics of Finland series came out describing Finnish foreign trade and shipping.
1879    The first Statistical Yearbook of Finland was published.
1885    Official Statistics comprised series on eight topics:
* Shipping and foreign trade
* Reviews of the state of the economy
* Agricultural statistics
* Income statistics
* Weather conditions statistics
* Population statistics
* Statistics on savings banks
* Statistics on persons with sensory handicaps.
1988    Publication series of Official Statistics were reorganised under 24 topics on which 108 series were published.
2000    Data from a growing number of statistics were being released electronically and the number of printed products began to fall. The emphasis began to shift to free-of-charge publishing on the web.
2004    Quality criteria were approved for Official Statistics to guide activity through all stages of the statistical production process.
2005    Grouping of the system of Official Statistics of Finland under 26 topics was confirmed.
2006    Quality criteria were harmonised with the European Statistics Code of Practice.
2008    Portal of Official Statistics of Finland was opened.