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Structure of Earnings

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Earnings of wage and salary earners highest in the most populated municipalities
07 Mar 2019
According to Statistics Finland's Structure of Earnings statistics, the size of the municipality where the workplace is located was connected to the earnings of wage and salary earners in 2017. When the workplace is located in a municipality with over 200,000 inhabitants, the median of total earnings was EUR 19.1 per hour paid. Correspondingly, median earnings were EUR 15.8 in municipalities with under 10,000 inhabitants.

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6 Sep 2019

Description: Structural statistics on wages and salaries describe the numbers, hourly and monthly earnings, and the formation and distribution of employees’ wages and salaries in all employer sectors.
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Keywords: average pay, earnings development, employees, income level, industries, occupations, private sector, public sector, wages and salaries.
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