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Energy supply and consumption

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Total energy consumption fell by 2 per cent last year
23 Mar 2015
According to Statistics Finlands preliminary data, total energy consumption in 2014 amounted to approximately 1,340 petajoule (PJ), or around 372 terawatt hours (TWh), which was more than two per cent less than in 2013. Electricity consumption amounted to 83.3 TWh, down by around one per cent year-on-year. The need for heating energy was reduced by the warmer weather than usual. In turn, the improved water situation in the Nordic countries increased net imports of electricity by 14 per cent. Carbon dioxide emissions from the production of energy decreased by six per cent year-on-year.

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18 Jun 2015

Description: The statistics present information about total consumption of energy, electricity production and total consumption and imports and exports of energy
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Keywords: district heat, electricity, electricity production, emissions, energy, energy consumption, energy sources, exports, fuels, hard coal, hydro power, imports, natural gas, nuclear energy, oil, peat, renewable energy sources, wood fuels.
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Change: Energy supply and consumption data are updated
25 Mar 2013
Consumption of hard coal data (StatFin online service) are updated year 2000 to revised annual data with the new data source due.

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