Remote access use (Fiona)

An organisation can draw up a contract with Statistics Finland about the use of the remote access system, with which the researcher gains access to Statistics Finland's server from his/her workstation via the web.

  • The researcher can then use Statistics Finland's data in a protected environment via the remote access service. Research results and other material may only be transferred outside the system through a screening process.
  • Logging in to the system utilizes federated authentication services:, Valtion tunnistuspalvelu, Haka or EduGain
  • Log data are collected on the use of the system for billing, and for the maintenance and control of the system.
  • The use of the system is billed in accordance with the price list of research services.
  • Statistics Finland bears the responsibility for the maintenance of the remote access system during office hours.
  • The contact person of the customer can assist in problem situations.

Application process for the remote access system

  • In connection with the agreement, customers supply to Statistics Finland an account of their data protection and data security practices related to remote access use. Statistics Finland must have the possibility to visit the customer's work premises. Please note that it is mandatory to co-operate with a Finnish organisation to use Fiona from a foreign organisation.
  • The organisation's administrative and technical contact persons are specified in the agreement. Contact persons must take part in training related to remote access use.
  • Statistics Finland opens remote access to the remote access system from the IP address precisely defined by the customer.
  • The customer is responsible for that the premises used by researchers are suitable for research and remote use and that data can be processed there so that the data protection is not endangered.
  • It is possible to apply for a special  licence to use Fiona also from home or abroad (regional limitations apply).


See also the Rules and instructions of Research Services (PDF), available data and the application process for microdata.

Log in to the remote access service (for registered users):