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Transition from school to further education and work

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Finding employment became slightly more difficult for recent graduates
12 Feb 2014
According to Statistics Finland, transition to work was somewhat more difficult for recent graduates in 2012 than in the previous year. In all, around 70 per cent of those with upper secondary vocational qualifications were employed, which was two percentage points lower than the year before. Transition to work also deteriorated slightly among those with university degrees. Eighty-seven per cent of both those with polytechnic degrees and higher university degrees found employment. Employment improved only for doctors, rising to 89 per cent.

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12 Feb 2015

Description: These statistics examine graduates' employment and entry into further education, and their regional transition within a given time period from graduation. The phenomena are described at the end of the year according to transition to employment, unemployment, further studies, military service or other activity. In addition, the statistics describe the transition by area, industry, employer sector or other information. The statistics are produced by combining a number of Statistics Finland’s individual-based data files. No surveys are conducted among graduates.
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Keywords: education, employment, further studies, graduates, labour market, unemployment.
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