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Over one-half of innovators reported innovations with environmental benefits
02 Jun 2016
Over one-half of enterprises that adopted innovations in 2012 to 2014 reported that they had adopted innovations with environmental benefits. In manufacturing, the share was 71 per cent and in services, 50 per cent of innovations. The data are based on Statistics Finlands survey on enterprises innovation activity in 2012 to 2014, which was part of an extensive EU survey.

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12 Apr 2018

Description: The innovation survey carried out every second year is part of the joint project Community Innovation Survey (CIS) coordinated by Eurostat and made in all EU Member States. The main objective of the innovation survey is to examine the generality of innovation activity by enterprises and to chart the characteristics and measures related to innovation activity. The survey makes use of an EU harmonised data collection questionnaire and uniform definitions and methods. The key concepts of the survey are based on the definitions of OECD and Eurostat (Oslo Manual, Guidelines for collecting and interpreting innovation data, 3rd edition, OECD 2005). The statistics are statutory (Finland's Statistics Act 280/2004) and the regulations of the European Union in part require the collection of the data in question (Decision of the European Parliament and the Council (No 1608/2003/EC) and the Commission’s implementing Regulation (No 1450/2004)).
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Keywords: business enterprises, innovation, innovations, product development, research and development activity.
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