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123,100 new students in vocational education
27 Sep 2019
According to Statistics Finland's education statistics, a total of 123,100 new students attended education leading to a vocational qualification during the calendar year 2018. Fifty-two per cent of them were women. Of the new students, 85,000 attended initial vocational education, 27,300 further vocational education and 10,800 specialist vocational education. There were three per cent fewer new students than in the previous year.

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29 Sep 2020

Description: Statistics Finland produces statistics on vocational education annually. The preliminary statistics for the ongoing autumn that are specific for each educational institution, describe the total number of students at educational institutions offering vocational education on 20 September. The final statistics on vocational education contain data on new students, students and completers of qualifications for the calendar year. In accordance with the Statistics Act, the personal data from which these statistics are compiled are confidential. As a rule, the statistics produced from them are public.
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