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Participants in adult education are active attendants of cultural events
04 Feb 2010
According to Statistics Finlands Adult Education Survey, more than one-half of the population aged 25 to 64 in Finland participate in some education or training during the year and even a higher proportion improve their skills and knowledge through informal learning. Besides in training and education the adult population in Finland also participate actively in cultural and sports events.

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12 Jan 2018

Description: Adult Education Surveys have been conducted at Statistics Finland since 1980 at intervals of around five years. From 2006, the survey has been carried out as part of the Adult Education Survey project of Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities, for which data are collected in some 30 European countries. In Finland, the survey has been implemented as a joint project between Statistics Finland and the Ministry of Education and Culture.
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Keywords: adult education, vocational adult education, vocational education, employer-sponsored training, self-directed studies, language skills, computers, education, other education than that leading to a qualification, information technology, education leading to a qualification.
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