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15 April 2014  Overview of economic development
The Bulletin of Statistics comprehensively provides time series data on the key topics describing the development of the economy and society to monitor economic cycles. The publication also contains indices, trends and seasonally adjusted statistical series, as well as international comparison data.

14 April 2014  Schools are challenged to participate in the International Statistical Literacy Competition
Finnish schools are challenged to take part in the International Statistical Literacy Competition. The aim of the competition is to improve the abilities of young people to describe their environment with the help of statistics

4 March 2014  Eino H. Laurila national income medal awarded to Eeva Hamunen, Sixten Korkman and Alpo Willman
The Eino H. Laurila national income medal for the year 2013 has been awarded to PhD Sixten Korkman, PhD Alpo Willman and MSSc Eeva Hamunen. The medals are granted in recognition of their active work in promoting the use of national accounts and knowledge about them.

3 March 2014  Indicators describing well-being in Findicator
A website on indicators describing different dimensions of well-being has been opened in the Findicator service. The website gathers key national and international indicator services and sources presenting well-being information into one place.

24 February 2014  Finland's databases will be closed for maintenance
Statistics Finland's databases will be closed for maintenance from 4 pm on 24 February to 9 am on 25 February.

24 February 2014  National accounts data will be released at 10 am on 3 March 2014
Statistics Finland will release preliminary national accounts data on economic development in 2013 at a press conference starting at 10 am on 3 March 2014. At the same time, statistics will also be released on general government deficit and debt, quarterly national accounts, and taxes and tax-like payments.

5 February 2014  Are you looking for information about data collections?
Have you or your enterprise been selected as a respondent in a Statistics Finland's data collection? The renewed Data collections website offers, for example, instructions for responding, information on all Statistics Finland's data collections and on what the collected data are used for.

30 January 2014  Production of business statistics renewed
Statistics Finland has renewed its production of business statistics. The review concerns more than ten sets of statistics, where a gradual introduction of the new production system was started in November 2013.

28 January 2014  Statistics Finland's databases will be closed for maintenance
Statistics Finland's databases will be closed for maintenance from 4 pm on 29 January to 9 am on 30 January.

16 January 2014  Preliminary estimates on the impact of the national accounts revision
Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities, has issued preliminary estimates on the impacts of the ESA 2010 revision in Member States. The new methods introduced due to the revision have an effect on the level of GDP in EU Member States.

15 January 2014  Statistics Finland studies immigrants
The data collection for the Survey on work and well-being among persons of foreign origin started on 13 January 2014. This is the largest survey carried out in Finland concerning the entire population with immigrant background.

8 January 2014  Finland reports to the UNFCCC
Statistics Finland has compiled the sixth National Communication and the first Biennial Report about the implementation of the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol in Finland. The reports have been submitted to the Climate Convention Secretariat on 1 January 2014.



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