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29 January 2015  Statistics Finland's website has been renewed
The layout of Statistics Finland's website and the structure of the home page have been renewed. The objective of the renewal is to make it easier to find key data on our pages. The renewed pages are also better suited for use with different devices.

27 January 2015  Court statistics discontinued
Statistics Finland discontinues the production and publication of statistics on court decisions in 2015. The reason for the discontinuation is that required funding has not been acquired to produce the statistics.

14 January 2015  Data by postal code area opened
Statistics Finland offers data by postal code area free of charge for everybody's use. The Paavo - Open data by postal code area service contains map data and versatile statistical data.

9 January 2015  Statistical releases are delayed on 9 January 2015
Today's statistical releases are delayed due to technical problems. We will do our utmost to publish them as soon as possible.

8 January 2015  Problems in updating of database tables
There are technical problems in the updating of StatFin database tables. We will do our utmost to rectify the situation as soon as possible.



Last updated 29.1.2015