Changes in the database

The production of the StatFin database tables produced by Statistics Finland will change during 2019 and at the same time, the content and structure of the tables will be renewed. In future, the tables will be formed by time variables, which means that the monthly, quarterly and annual data will be in separate database tables. Renewing of the structure enables better machine readability of data and, for example, saving of automatically updated table selections and figures, as well as selection of key figures.

Changes will be made to the tables of the following statistics:

20.12.2019 Regional availability of culture

12.12.2019 Adult education of educational institutions

12.12.2019 Input-output

5.12.2019 Economic Accounts for Agriculture (EAA)

5.12.2019 Environmental goods and services sector

3.12.2019 Use of information technology in enterprises

28.11.2019 Students and qualifications of educational institutions

28.11.2019 Statistics on business subsidies

27.11.2019 Regional Account

5.11.2019 Educational structure of population

22.10.2019 The age group 20 to 69 has been added to the annual and quarterly tables 11af and 11c8 (Population by labour force status, sex and age) of the Labour Force Survey.

8.10.2019 Energy Accounts

8.10.2019 Emissions into air by industry

30.9.2019 Population projection

27.9.2019 Vocational education

28.6.2019 Financial accounts

28.6.2019 General government financial accounts

28.6.2019 General government debt by quarter

20.6.2019 Annual national accounts

18.6.2019 Upper secondary general school education

18.6.2019 Changes in marital status

17.6.2019 Occupational accident statistics

14.6.2019 Consumer Price Index

12.6.2019 Culture

7.6.2019 Labour cost index

29.5.2019 Index of wage and salary earnings

29.5.2019 Quarterly national accounts

28.5.2019 Enterprise openings and closures

27.5.2019 Consumer Confidence (Consumer Survey)

24.5.2019 Statistics on living conditions

21.5.2019 Byggnader och fritidshus

17.5.2019 Statistics on manufacturing and trade inventories

16.5.2019 Statistics on offences and coercive measures

9.5.2019 University education

9.5.2019 Rents of dwellings

24.4.2019 Labour Force Survey



Temporary change in exporting StatFin selections to Excel.
If you want to export a selection from the StatFin database to Excel, the export format used for the time being is xml (Excel workbook (xml)). An error was detected in Excel’s xlsx export format, for which reason the decimals of all figures did not show correctly in Excel. We will return to the use of the xlsx format once the xlsx format starts to function correctly.