News 9 Jan 2018

Participate in the Statistical Poster Competition

The International Statistical Poster Competition for 2018 to 2019 intended for students has been launched for the sixth time. The objective of the competition is to promote the use of social and numerical data among schoolchildren and students, as well as critical statistical literacy.

The task is to tell an interesting story using statistical tools, and present the progress of the study and results in a statistical poster. The task is suitable for many school subjects and for phenomenon-based learning weeks, for example.

The topic of the statistical poster competition can be chosen freely this time. The competition has three categories: secondary school, upper secondary school/vocational education institution and university of applied sciences/university students studying for a bachelor's degree.

Competition stages

In each category, students design a statistical poster on a freely chosen topic in groups of two to five persons. The teacher sends the poster to Statistics Finland to be assessed by Finland’s national panel. Participation does not cost anything. The deadline for the competition entries is 1 March 2019.

The winners of the Finnish competition will be made public by 30 March 2019 and the entries are sent to be assessed by an international panel.

The international panel will choose the winners of the different categories in summer 2019. The best statistical posters will be on display at the 62nd World Statistics Congress arranged by the ISI (International Statistical Institute) in Malaysia in August 2019.

Money and product prizes are awarded in the national competition. The prizes of the international competition for participants in the secondary school and upper secondary school categories are: the first prize EUR 450, the second prize EUR 350, the third prize EUR 200 per group. The winner of the university category is awarded EUR 2,000.

Finland’s national competition is organised in cooperation between Statistics Finland, the Finnish Association of Teachers of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Informatics (MAOL), and the Finnish Statistical Society. The international competition is arranged by the ISLP (International Statistical Literacy Project) that promotes statistical literacy internationally and operates under the IASE (International Association of Statistical Education).

Further information about the competition

Competition registration form (in Finnish)

See the competition flyer, advert, guidelines for making a statistical poster, competition rules, and teacher’s notes.

Learn more from the ISLP pages 

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