News 4 May 2020

Corona situation report of 30 April 2020: Eurostat published weekly statistics on deaths, expected fall in accommodation statistics

Due to the corona situation we have accelerated the production of data describing the exceptional circumstances. For the time being, we publish weekly statistics deviating from ordinary statistics production. Alongside these, normal statistics production has continued almost fully as planned.

Latest statistics and articles describing the corona situation    

Coming next week

  • 5 May Data for March 2020 on the price development of old dwellings in housing companies are published in the statistics on prices of dwellings in housing companies 
  • 5 May Data for March 2020 on shipborne transport of goods and passengers, departing from and arriving in Finland, are published in the statistics on domestic waterborne transport.  
  • 5 May The statistics on foreign shipping traffic comprise data on the waterborne transport of goods and passengers between Finland and foreign countries as well as on the number of vessels in international transport calling Finnish ports from March 2020  
  • 7 May First registrations of motor vehicles in April 2020 
  • 7 May The number of deaths per week until week 17/2020  
  • 8 May Data for March 2020 on the change in industrial output at constant prices are published in the statistics on the volume index of industrial output. 
  • 8 May The statistics on new orders in manufacturing describe the development of the value of enterprises' new orders in March 2020.

Statistics Finland compiles statistical data describing the corona situation on Statistics Finland's corona pages. In addition, we provide information in our weekly news on statistics describing the corona situation and on the effects of emergency conditions on statistics production.

Statistics Finland’s statistics and services can be found on the pages. The Information Services help in finding statistical information by telephone at +358 29 551 2220 or by email at You can also inquire about statistics with the Ask about statistics form. 


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