Micro data

Statistics Finland's research services offer unit-level data, i.e. microdata, for scientific studies and statistical surveys. Contact us by email tutkijapalvelut@stat.fi .

In compiling research data, versatile use can be made of:

  • Data from the Register of Enterprises and Establishments
  • Data describing persons and housing
  • Variables related to employment relationships, and wages and salaries
  • Microdata produced by Eurostat

Our data selection comprises:

  • Ready-made research data
  • Research data tailored from Statistics Finland's data
  • Combinations of statistical data with the researcher's own data or those released by other organisations

Modes of data delivery comprise:

  • Use of data via the remote access system
  • Use of data at the Research Laboratory
  • Release of sample data to the researcher

It is advisable to contact research services early, when the study and its data are being planned. We can provide information about, for example, the data that are available and the ways they can be used.

Statistical legislation and the data protection and confidentiality practices specified in legislation are applied in compiling and releasing the data. The releasing of microdata is subject to a user licence. See how the application process for data progresses. The price of the assignment is determined on the basis of its extent, requirements and the mode of use of the data.