Eurostat main tables

Eurostat main tables comprise over 1 000 statistical tables from the Member States of the EU and from certain non-EU countries. The tables are updated daily with latest data from Eurostat main tables.

The tables in the database are presented according to the grouping of topics used in Official Statistics of Finland (OSF). Like in other databases of Statistics Finland, the database solution is PxWeb.

Instructions on the use of the tables

  • The tables can be searched by free text search.
  • According to EU practice, countries are listed in the tables alphabetically according to their names in their own language. The order can be changed according to English language from the drop-down menu of the window.
  • In the table footnote there is a link to Eurostat home page. The table code in the footnote can be used to retrieve the table concerned and the related metadata from Eurostat website.