Inventory quality management

Quality management is used to ensure that the inventories and reports based on them produced by Finland's greenhouse gas monitoring system are of a high quality and fulfil the greenhouse gas monitoring requirements of transparency, consistency, comparability, completeness, accuracy and timeliness. The principles and elements of the quality management system are harmonised both with the international agreements and guidelines on the monitoring of greenhouse gases as well as the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

The review teams nominated by the UNFCCC Secretariat conduct regular reviews to monitor the quality of the inventory data supplied by the Parties to the Convention. The reviews may be centralized reviews or desk reviews of inventory documentation according to an annual schedule or in-country reviews conducted by experts on location.

Figure. Annual inventory process


The high quality and continuous improvement of the inventory is ensured by producing the annual inventory systematically in four main phases: planning, preparation, evaluation and improvement. During the different phases of the inventory process a clear set of documentation is produced, which makes up the basis for the inventory's transparency. The documentation enables external evaluation of the inventory as well as a repeat of it, if needed. Analysing the experiences of the year before, taking note of review feedback and planning the new inventory round accordingly create the preconditions for production of even better inventories.


Last updated 19 Oct 2018