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Leisure Survey

The Leisure Survey is an interview survey examining the leisure activities of persons over 10 years of age, their development and participation by different population groups.

The survey provides information about the relation between work and leisure and the significance of different areas of life, as well as about television and video viewing, radio listening, magazine and book reading, physical exercises and outdoor recreation, visits to cultural events, game playing, computer use, arts and crafts hobbies, participation in organisations and other social activities, music listening, household work as part of leisure time, holiday and visits to restaurants. The survey pays particular attention to content selections - such as favourite books or music.

The Leisure Survey was last made in autumn 1991. The preceding surveys were from 1977 and 1981. Their results were published in the Cultural Statistics publication. The next survey will be carried out in 2002.

Leisure Survey publications

Mirja Liikkanen and Hannu Pääkkönen (ed.): Culture of the Everyday. Leisure and Cultural Participation in 1981 and 1991. Culture and the Media 1994:3. Articles on leisure and changes in its use. Based on the surveys of 1981 and 1991. In English. Available from Statistics Finland's Publication sales (+358 9 1734 2011)

Mirja Liikkanen, Hannu Pääkkönen, Ari Toikka ja Pirjo Hyytiäinen: Vapaa-aika numeroina 1-4. Culture and the Media 1993:3-6. Results of the 1991 Leisure Survey in four table reports on different subject areas. In Finnish only. Out of print.

Mirja Liikkanen, Hannu Pääkkönen, Ari Toikka and Pirjo Hyytiäinen: Leisure in Figures. Statistics Finland. In English. 1995.

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