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Culture, Media and Time Use

Time Use Survey publications and articles

Time Use Survey 1999 - 2000:

Pääkkönen, Hannu - Niemi, Iiris: Suomalainen arki. Ajankäyttö vuosituhannen vaihteessa ( Everyday life in Finland. Time use at the turn of the millennium. With English and Swedish Summaries.) Statistics Finland. Culture and Media 2002:2. English summary

Niemi, Iiris - Pääkkönen, Hannu: Time Use Changes in Finland in the 1990s. Statistics Finland. Culture and the Media. 2002:2. Press release:

Virpi Minkkinen, Hannu Pääkkönen ja Mirja Liikkanen: Leisure and Cultural Participation 1991 and 1999. Statistics Finland. Culture and the Media 2001:5. The data are based on the interview material of the Time Use Survey 1999-2000 and the 1991 Leisure Survey. Press release

Pääkkönen, Hannu: Computer in Finnish Leisure Time. In On the Road to the Finnish Information Society III. Statistics Finland. Helsinki, 219-222.


Time Use Survey 1987 - 88:

Niemi, Iiris - Pääkkönen, Hannu: Time Use Changes in Finland in the 1980s. Statistics Finland. Studies 174, 1990.

Niemi, Iiris - Pääkkönen, Hannu: Vuotuinen ajankäyttö. Statistics Finland. Studies No. 183. Helsinki 1992. (Annual time use.) Time use according to season and stage of life. International comparisons. In Finnish only.

Niemi, Iiris - Pääkkönen, Hannu, Rajaniemi, Veli - Laaksonen, Seppo and Lauri, Jarmo: Vuotuinen ajankäyttö. Ajankäyttötutkimuksen 1987-88 taulukot. Statistics Finland. Studies No. 183 B. Helsinki 1991. (Annual time use.) Time use study 1987-88: tables. In Finnish only.

Niemi, Iiris - Pääkkönen, Hannu: Use of time. In Eeva-Sisko Veikkola - Tarja Palmu (eds.): Women and men in Finland. Statistics Finland. Living Conditions 1995:1.

International comparisons:

Niemi, Iiris: A General View of Time Use by Gender. In Niemi, I. (ed.): Time Use of Women in Europe and North America, 1-22. United Nations ECE/INSTRAW. New York and Geneva 1995.

Kirjavainen, Leena M. - Anachkova, Bistra - Laaksonen, Seppo - Niemi, Iiris - Pääkkönen, Hannu - Staikov, Zahari: Housework Time in Bulgaria and Finland. Statistics Finland. Studies No. 193, 1992.

Niemi, Iiris - Eglite, Parsla - Mitrikas, Algimantas, - Patrushev, V.D. - Pääkkönen, Hannu: Time Use in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Statistics Finland. Studies 182, 1991.

Babarczy, Ágnes - Harcsa, István, - Pääkkönen, Hannu: Time Use Trends in Finland and in Hungary. Statistics Finland. Studies 180, 1991.


Methodological publications and articles:

Proposal for a Satellite Account of Household Production. Eurostat Working Papers 9/1999/A4/11.

Pääkkönen, Hannu: Are busy people under- or over-represented in national time budget surveys? Loisir et société / Society and Leisure 21, 1998:2, 573 - 582.

Niemi, Iiris: Systematic error in behavioural measurement: Comparing results from interview and time budget studies. Social Indicators Research, 30, 1993, 229 - 244.

Niemi, Iiris: Harrastusmittareiden luotettavuus. (The Validity of Measuring Leisure Activities. In Finnish only. ) Tilastokeskus. Tutkimuksia 117. Helsinki 1985.

Niemi, Iiris: Kotityön harhat. (Fallacies about Housework. With English Summary.) Sosiologia 1984:3, 211-218.

Niemi, Iiris: The 1979 Time Use Study Method. Statistics Finland. Studies N:o 91, 1983.

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