9 Notes to the appendix tables

  • Definitions of the used concepts can be found on the home page of the Labour Force Survey under “Concepts and definitions”, and in this publication.

  • Small figures concerning no more than 4,000 persons that are presented in the tables should be viewed with reservations because they are based on a low number of respondents.

  • Symbols used in the tables:

    Magnitude less than half of unit employed “0”

    Nil to report or data too uncertain for presentation “.”

  • Due to rounding , the sums in the tables may not always agree.

  • Data on education concerning 2014 will only become available later.

  • The category “total” of data by industry and by employer sector includes those whose industrial status or employer sector is unknown.

  • Starting from 2009, data concerning overtime work are not fully comparable with previous data due to the changed mode of asking.

Source: Labour Force Survey 2014. Statistics Finland

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Director in charge: Riitta Harala

Updated 28.4.2015

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