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Labour Cost Index 2008=100 Handbook for Users

Statistics Finland published its first revised labour cost index in June 2009. The base year of the revised index is 2008. In its concepts and methodological descriptions this handbook is based on the publication Cost of an hour worked 2000–2007, Labour Cost Index 2003=100. The descriptions and methods of the new index are updated to the handbook as to changes made.


The user's handbook following the base year 2012=100 is being updated in early 2016. There have been no changes to the methods. The exception is the local government sector, where the statistics are now calculated using data covering the entire local government sector, whereas before, the calculation was only based on large municipalities and joint municipal authorities. Additional information is available in the quality description and from the contact person of the statistics.


Last updated 9.6.2015

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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Labour cost index [e-publication].
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