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Published: 9 March 2018

New orders in manufacturing grew by 6.9 per cent year-on-year in January

According to Statistics Finland, the value of new orders in manufacturing was 6.9 per cent higher in January 2018 than twelve months earlier. Examined by industry, the value of new orders grew in the paper industry and in the metal industry from one year ago.

Annual change in new orders in manufacturing (original series), % (TOL2008)

Annual change in new orders in manufacturing (original series), % (TOL2008)

In January, enterprises received more orders than twelve months ago in the manufacture of paper and paper board products and in the metal industry. In the paper industry, orders increased by 9.5 per cent and in the metal industry, by 7.8 per cent year-on-year. In the chemical industry, new orders decreased by 0.1 per cent year-on-year.

When interpreting these statistics, it should be borne in mind that they typically show strong fluctuations by month. Even new orders of substantial value are not examined over extended time periods but for the statistical reference month only.

Change in new orders in manufacturing 1/2017– 1/2018

Change in new orders in manufacturing 1/2017– 1/2018

The base year 2015=100 is utilised for the calculation of new orders in manufacturing starting from the statistics for January 2018.

The index of new orders in manufacturing describes development in the value of new orders received by enterprises for commodities and services that are meant to be produced by establishments located in Finland. These statistics are based on non-probability sampling, in which the basic observation unit is an enterprise or a kind-of-activity unit. The sample comprises monthly 400 to 450 enterprises or their kind-of-activity units. Index point figures and annual change percentages are published monthly for four industry categories. The time series start from January 2005 and their base year is 2015 (2015=100). The index figures may become slightly revised as new data accumulate and enterprises report changes to their data. Due to supplementations, the latest 12 months are revised in the releases. A detailed description of the statistics and the calculation method are included in the quality description on the home page of the statistics.

Source: New orders in manufacturing 2018, January. Statistics Finland

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