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Published: 14 February 2013

Share of imported products in intermediate consumption good one-fourth in 2010

According to the data in the supply and use tables for 2010, the share of imported products of the basic price value of intermediate consumption was 26.9 per cent in 2010. The higher share of imports in intermediate consumption compared to other use categories is mainly caused by the large share of imported goods in intermediate consumption of the manufacturing industries. In final consumption items, the share of imported products in fixed capital formation of the basic price value was 14.9 per cent. The corresponding share in consumption expenditure was 10.5 per cent. The high domestic content in consumption expenditure is explained by the large share of domestic services.

Use of domestic output and imports at basic price in 2010, EUR million

Use class Domestic
Imports Total Share (%)
of imports
Intermediate consumption 137 598 50 630 188 227 26,9
Final use 210 236 19 871 230 107 8,6
    Final consumption expenditure 115 597 13 600 129 197 10,5
    Gross capital formation 25 798 4 532 30 330 14,9
    Exports of goods and services 68 841 1 739 70 580 2,5
Total use 347 833 70 501 418 334 16,9

The basic price value does not include taxes on products linked to intermediate and final consumption, but does include the subsidies on products paid to producers of goods and services.

The intermediate and final consumption of products produced in Finland and products imported from abroad is described in the use tables of domestic output and imports at basic prices. Intermediate consumption consists of the value of goods and services consumed as input in production processes, excluding fixed assets (gross fixed capital formation), whose consumption is recorded as consumption of fixed capital. Final consumption consists of domestic final consumption of goods and services, i.e. consumption expenditure (household consumption expenditure + consumption expenditure of non-profit institutions + general government consumption expenditure) and fixed capital formation (gross fixed capital formation + change in inventories), as well as the exports of goods and services.

Statistics Finland publishes annually the supply and use tables describing product flows in the national economy, and the input-output and analysis tables derived from them. The data published now concern the year 2010. Tables concerning 2011 will be published in December 2013.

Source: National Accounts 2010. Statistics Finland

Inquiries: Markku Räty 09 1734 2647, Tuomas Rothovius 09 1734 3360,

Director in charge: Leena Storgårds

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