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Published: 10 February 2010

Economy of culture concentrates strongly in the Capital Region

According to the national accounts data compiled by Statistics Finland, fields of culture and mass media generated the largest volume of value added per capita, or good EUR 2,500, in the Capital Region. Next came Åland with approximately EUR 1,000 and Varsinais-Suomi with around EUR 940. In all other regions the amount failed to reach the average for the whole country in 2007, which was good EUR 930. Culture generated the lowest value added per capita of EUR 300 in Kainuu.

The economy of culture concentrates strongly in the Capital Region because many of the enterprises in the field or their central units are located there. Even in the regions, activities in the field of culture centre into the largest towns. Beyond the leading regions, the differences per capita are relatively small.

Value added of culture in 2007, EUR/capita

Regional cultural accounts are commissioned by the Ministry of Education. The regional data supplement the picture drawn by the Culture Satellite Accounts which were first calculated in 2007 of the importance of culture to the national economy and reinforces the information basis for regional development strategies concerning cultural activities. (

Besides data on value added generated by cultural activities the regional accounts also cover cultural output and persons employed in culture by region for the 2001-2007 period. The data are classified by activity groups. These also include activities in sport. The data are published both as absolute figures and as comparative indices for the whole country.

At the same time, cultural satellite account figures for the whole country are published as database tables on output, value added, persons employed, hours worked and private and public consumption for the time period between 1995 and 2007.

Source: Cultural Statistics. Statistics Finland

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