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Published: 27 November 2013

Market trends in mass media stayed unchanged in 2012

Over the 2000s, the growth of the mass media market has hinged mostly on electronic media. The combined income of television, radio and web media has more than doubled. The share of publishing activities in the mass media market has decreased clearly. In 2012, the overall value development of the media market was slightly negative according to Statistics Finland. Around EUR 20 million disappeared (-0.5%). The size of the media market amounted to EUR 4.3 billion.

Sector shares of the mass media market in Finland in 2000 to 2012, per cent

Sector shares of the mass media market in Finland in 2000 to 2012, per cent

The growth in euros continued in electronic media but was clearly slower than before. Income from publishing activities decreased by some two per cent.

The best growth in electronic media was witnessed by Internet advertising (+10%). Growth in television activities amounted to around one per cent.

The figures in publishing activities were negative apart from newspapers published one to three times per week.

Advertising revenues from printed papers decreased clearly. Subscription sales was affected by the increased prices as a result of a nine per cent value added tax that was added to newspaper and magazine subscriptions from the beginning of 2012. The share of digital income in total newspaper sales was only around four per cent according to the Finnish Newspaper Association's data.

Cinemas battled the general trend and achieved a 20 per cent income growth. The viewer share of domestic films was record high. The clear drop in the sales of video recordings continued in 2012 (-11%).

Mass media market volume in Finland in 2011 - 2012, EUR million

EUR mill.
EUR mill.
Change %
Daily newspapers (four to seven times a week) 1) 1 001 996 23 -0,51
Other newspapers 1) 127 136 3 7,4
Free-distribution papers 1) 83 76 2 -8,2
Magazines and periodicals 680 650 15 -4,4
Books 1) 570 562 13 -1,4
Printed directories & direct mail 291 282 7 -3,1
Publishing, total 2 752 2 703 62 -1,8
Television 2) 1 028 1 039 24 1,1
Radio 60 58 1 -3,2
Internet advertising 219 240 6 10,0
Electronic media, total 1 307 1 338 31 2,4
Phonograms 1) 77 77 2 1,0
Videos 144 128 3 -10,8
Cinemas 68 81 2 19,7
Recorded media, total 288 287 7 -0,5
All total 4 347 4 327 100 -0,5
1) Digital sales included.
2) Also includes YLE public service radio.

The calculations presented here describe the mass media market at the end user level: for example, the figure on the newspaper market is comprised of retail priced subscription and single copy sales of newspapers, and their revenue from advertising. The figures cover domestic production and imports but not exports.

There is some overlap between internet advertising and newspapers.

Source: Mass media and cultural statistics. Statistics Finland

Inquiries: Tuomo Sauri 09 1734 3449,

Director in charge: Riitta Harala

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