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Published: 19 June 2014

Warm early part of the year decreased prices of coal and natural gas

The consumption of coal and natural gas decreased as a result of the warm beginning of the year and their prices in heat production also fell. According to Statistics Finland's data, the price of milled peat used in heat production was 3 per cent lower in the first quarter of the year than one year earlier. The price of forest chippings rose by under 4 per cent from one year before.

Fuel Prices in Heat Production

Fuel Prices in Heat Production

Nordic water reserves were on average level during the first quarter of the year. The price of electricity on the Nordic electricity exchange decreased by around 20 to 30 per cent during the first quarter. The consumer prices of electricity grew by approximately one per cent. The prices of electricity for enterprise and corporate clients declined by a couple of per cent apart from the largest user groups for whom prices increased slightly.

The price of natural gas used in heat production decreased by around 8 per cent and the price of coal dropped by nearly 6 per cent from one year ago. The price of wood pellets used by consumers increased by almost 9 per cent. Prices of transport fuels declined in the first quarter as did the price of light fuel oil. The excise duties of transport fuels rose at the turn of the year.

Source: Statistics Finland, Energy prices

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