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Regional statistics on entrepreneurial activity

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Number of personnel continued growing in service industries in 2019
21 Dec 2020
Finland had 400,350 establishments where 1.5 million staff-years were worked in 2019. The number of personnel increased by 30,000 from the previous year. Over 70 per cent of the increase in staff-years was generated by establishments in service industries. These data derive from Statistics Finland's regional statistics on entrepreneurial activity.

Description: The regional statistics on entrepreneurial activity contain data on the establishments of enterprises operating in Finland by industry and region. The statistics covers the establishments of all active enterprises. The preliminary statistics that is published in autumn has less extensive content and it focuses on manufacturing industries, that include B Mining and quarrying, C Manufacturing, D Electricity, gas and water supply, E Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities.
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Keywords: establishments, personnel, industries, gross value, value added, manufacturing, trade, construction, services.
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Change: StatFin database tables of general government updated in connection with the Regional statistics on entrepreneurial activity
23 Dec 2019

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