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Statistics on manufacturing and trade inventories

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The statistics on manufacturing and trade inventories describe the current priced values of inventories of manufacturing and trade enterprises by industry. The statistics are compiled from data on individual enterprises.

Data content

The statistics on manufacturing and trade inventories are produced quarterly from data on a sample of enterprises, which are sent an inquiry about the value of their inventories at the end of the reference quarter in question. The values are requested by type of inventory: Materials and supplies, work in progress, finished goods and goods for resale. The values of inventories by industry calculated from the sample are raised to represent the value of the inventories of the population (enterprises whose industry is either manufacturing or trade) by using the latest turnover data available from statistics on the financial statements of enterprises. The raising is based on the assumption that the ratio between the values of turnover and inventories is constant within the industry.

In manufacturing, the statistics are published at the following industry levels established from the Standard Industrial Classification: Manufacturing, wood and paper industry, chemical industry, manufacture of electrical products, other metal industry and other manufacturing. The respective industry levels in trade are: Motor vehicle trade, wholesale trade and retail trade. For manufacturing, the value of inventories is published by type of inventory as follows: Materials and supplies, (inclusive of fuels and lubricants), work in progress, finished goods and goods for resale.

Classifications used

Standard Industrial Classification TOL 2008.

Data collection methods and data sources

The statistics on manufacturing and trade inventories are calculated from data on a judicious sample of enterprises operating in the industries of manufacturing and trade in Finland. The sample is drawn from enterprises classified under the industries of manufacturing (TOL 10-33) and trade (TOL 45-47) in Statistics Finland's Register of Enterprises and Establishments. The point of departure in the forming of the sample is the selection of enterprises that in terms of turnover are the most important ones in their respective activity and whose turnover to inventories ratio describes as well as possible the respective ratio in the whole industry. Latest data from the Business Register on the turnover of enterprises, as well as data on current assets obtained from the sample are also utilised in the production of the statistics. The sample of the statistics on inventories comprises some 400 enterprises operating in manufacturing and about 300 enterprises operating in trade.

Data collections

Updating frequency


Time of completion or release

Approximately 50 days from the end of the statistical reference period.

Time series

The time series contains quarterly data on the value of inventories in manufacturing starting from the first quarter of 1990 and quarterly data on the value of inventories in trade starting from the second quarter of 2001.


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