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Financial statement statistics on credit institutions

Producer: Statistics Finland
Main topic: Financing and Insurance
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Statistics Finland has been publishing harmonised statistics from the financial statements of all credit institutions in compliance with the Ministry of Finance’s decree on financial statement formulas since 1995. Credit institutions are grouped into domestic commercial banks, co-operative banks, savings banks, other domestic credit institutions, branches of foreign banks in Finland and other foreign credit institutions in Finland.

Data content

Financial statements data cover: profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, incl. itemisation of commission revenues, itemisation of administration costs, itemisation of receivables by sector, shareholding by sector, regional data (on branch offices, personnel, balance sheets, interest yields and expenses, etc.), age distribution of customers, proposal for profit allocation, itemisation of credit losses, and so on. Credit institutions are examined as independent units, not as groups.

The data on individual units may not be disclosed.

Classifications used

The financial statement formulae are based on the decree of the Ministry of Finance on the financial statements of credits institutions and investment service companies and on the order of the Financial Supervision Authority supplementing it. The detailed classifications and definitions used in the data collecting are based on the so-called Virati classifications and definitions (joint task force of the Financial Supervision Authority, Bank of Finland and Statistics Finland co-ordinating data collections by authorities).

Data collection methods and data sources

The data are collected jointly by the Financial Supervision Authority and Statistics Finland direct from all banks and other credit institutions operating in Finland, incl. branches of foreign credit institutions in Finland. The collection is implemented electronically.

Data collections

Updating frequency

Key data are published quarterly. However, some of the data by detailed breakdown are only updated annually.

Time of completion or release

  • The printed publication "Monetary financial institutions" is published four times per year. Data on quarters 1 to 3 are published with a lag of approximately three months. The issue for the fourth quarter contains more detailed data for the whole year and is published at a lag of approximately five months.
  • Preliminary information with less detailed contents than those of the printed publication are published from annual data on Statistics Finland's website in March or April.

Exact dates of release will be given in advance on the home page of these statistics.

Time series

Data on financial statements produced by credit institutions in accordance with a uniform formula have been produced since the beginning of 1995. From 1974 to 1995, financing companies and credit companies were excluded from the uniform frame from which data were published on the financial statements of credit institutions, as they did not yet come under consistent legislation on credit institutions. Before 1974, each banking group was covered with a separate publication in which the financial statement formulas also varied somewhat. Statistics Finland has been publishing so-called bank statistics on all banking groups starting from data on the year 1970. The origin of bank statistics were the 1868 statistics on savings banks, which was a report of the inspector of savings banks on their state and management.


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