Supply of data

By responding to the data collection of Official Statistics of Finland you can contribute to social decision-making and description being based on high-quality and reliable statistical data.

You can identify this kind of data collection by the logo of Official Statistics of Finland.

What are the data used for?

The data are used for activity planning and social development monitoring by government agencies and institutions, municipalities, enterprises, research institutions and citizens. In addition, the statistical data are used for preparing legislation.

For instance, central government transfers to your home municipality are determined based on official statistics data. Correspondingly, a reliable image can be obtained on Finns' health and welfare or the state of our nature on the basis of the data provided by you.

As an entrepreneur you have an effect on that comparable data are available on your industry and the figures used as bases for agreements and tariffs, for example, are on the correct level. Data on imports and exports are also derived from enterprises' responses.

Independent data on society

The Official Statistics of Finland provide an impartial picture of the development of Finnish society. The statistics are produced by independent and self-governing government agencies and institutions.

A majority of the data for the statistics are derived from existing registers of general government. Data are collected directly from data providers only when they cannot be obtained otherwise. We aim to keep the data supply burden caused to data providers as low as possible.

Collected data are published as statistics

The data are published as statistics from which the answers of individual respondents cannot be identified. In addition, the collected data are utilised in studies and other statistical analyses.


The Official Statistics of Finland have been compiled since 1866.