Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is it mandatory to respond to the financial statements inquiry for enterprises?

The obligation to provide data is based on the Statistics Act (280/2004) and responding is mandatory.

Can we get more time to answer?

It is possible to apply for more time on the form's basic information tab.

Our enterprise does not employ over 60 persons, our turnover does not exceed EUR 40 million and our balance sheet does not exceed EUR 300 million. Do we still have to answer?

In a random sample, smaller enterprises from different industries are also included in the inquiry.

Can we be exempted from the data collection?

Exemption is granted under exceptional circumstances. If we granted exemptions because of lack of resources or system renewals, the production of the statistics would be endangered. In practice, grounds for exemption are only bankruptcy or closure of operation.

Our accounting period is not a calendar year (1 January to 31 December). Does the inquiry concern us?

The data collection concerns all enterprises in the sample in which the accounting period ended during 2021.

During last year our enterprise had several accounting periods that ended, what should we do?

Only data for the last concluded accounting period last year are reported on the form.

Are data reported on the parent company or the group?

The data collection concerns the parent company.

How do I submit the financial statement and appendices to Statistics Finland if they do not come through the Finnish Patent and Registration Office?

Financial statements can be sent on the Send files tab on the data collection form.

Where are the remuneration costs of the enterprise's own personnel reported on the form?

Remuneration costs for own personnel are not reported at all on the form, they derive from the profit and loss account. Only external remuneration costs are reported on the form in the breakdown of expenses under Renting of labour force and Subcontracting.

Where is turnover that is not industrial activity, construction, or wholesale and retail trade reported on the form?

Such turnover (e.g. in services and social work) is recorded under 1.3.7 Turnover from other service activities.

Are increases in fixed assets due to mergers reported?

Increases due to mergers are not reported in increases of fixed assets. Changes that occurred during the accounting period are reported in increases and decreases.

Increases: Increases in fixed assets arising from business transactions at acquisition prices during the accounting period (excl. increases due to mergers).

Decreases: Selling of fixed assets during the accounting period arising from business transactions at the actual value of the transactions, such as the total amount of transfer prices, insurance compensations or other payments. Depreciations or reductions in value are not reported in decreases. Only sales and transfers are reported in decreases.

What loans are meant in the balance sheet liabilities under creditors subject to interest on the form?

Report here the volume of interest-bearing liabilities (of financial corporations) on long-term and short-term creditors as set out in the balance sheet, as well as subordinate loans.

Where is turnover from resale of purchased electricity, heat and gas reported on the form?

This transmission of electricity, heat and gas is included in the turnover breakdown under 1.3.1 Turnover from wholesale and retail trade.

Where is turnover from deliveries of self-produced electricity reported?

It is reported under 1.1 Turnover from industrial activities.

  • Turnover from deliveries of self-produced electricity is reported under 1.1.2.
  • Turnover from sales of self-produced heat is reported under 1.1.3.
  • Network activity, turnover from transmission and distribution of electricity are reported under 1.1.4.