Instructions for responding

How was I selected to respond to the survey?

The 12,500 persons who are interviewed for the survey each month have been drawn randomly from Statistics Finland’s database on the population of Finland.

How is the interview made?

You take part in the survey by responding either with a web form or with an interview made by telephone. The same respondent is interviewed a total of five times over a period of one and a half years. Responding takes five to ten minutes, on average, both with the web form and by telephone. The respondent may permit another person to respond on his/her behalf.

How will I be contacted?

Statistics Finland's interviewer sends the person selected for the survey a letter containing information about the survey and answering online and that the interviewer may contact the person by telephone. Text messages and email are also used.

If the telephone number of the person selected for the survey or of his/her other household members cannot be found, the household is informed by letter that an interviewer will come and visit when the corona situation allows. When receiving such a letter, the respondent can contact the interviewer personally and agree on an interview by telephone or a more suitable time for a face-to-face interview.

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