Instructions for responding

How were the respondents selected?

The persons sampled to the survey on income and living conditions have been drawn randomly from Statistics Finland’s database on the population of Finland. The person drawn to the survey can be any person aged over 16 living in Finland, but in the interview information is also asked about the household's common affairs (such as housing) and persons belonging to the same household. 

Telephone or face-to-face interview?

The survey is an inquiry that is carried out mainly by telephone. If the respondent's health or age make telephone interviewing difficult, the interview can be conducted face-to-face, the corona situation permitting. The interview takes around 25 minutes. One-person households can alternatively answer with a web questionnaire. One-person households can go to a web questionnaire here.

How does the interviewer contact you?

Statistics Finland's interviewer sends the person selected for the survey a letter containing information about the survey and saying that the interviewer will contact the person by telephone in the near future. If the person is under aged, the letter is addressed to the entire household.

If the phone number of the person selected for the survey or of his/her other household members cannot be found, the household is informed by letter. The respondent can contact the interviewer personally and agree on an interview by telephone.

Who can answer the questions?

The letter is addressed to the member of the household that has been selected for the survey but anyone belonging to the same household who knows the household's finances well can answer the questions instead. This is the case particularly when the person selected for the survey is underage or has the status of a child. A small number of questions are asked direct from the persons selected for the survey, but otherwise the respondent may be some other household member, also when questions are asked concerning other household members (such as their activity during the previous year). If desired, each member can answer the questions concerning him or her personally.

Why is it important to participate in the survey?

It is very important that each household that has been selected for the survey takes part in it, as no respondent can in any way be replaced with another respondent. One selected household represents some 300 other households living in Finland, on average. Refusal to participate in the survey means that sufficiently accurate information on the opinions and affairs of households in a similar life situation cannot be collected, which means that the representativeness of the households in the statistics weakens. Participation of each household in the survey is extremely important in order for the published statistics to provide a correct picture of the consumption, income and living conditions of households living in Finland.

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