Travel Survey

Description of the data collection

The Travel Survey concerns trips in Finland and abroad ending in the previous month.

The survey is comprised of two separate parts. The monthly survey collects information on trips made by Finnish residents, their numbers and characteristics. A so-called annual survey is made once a year to establish the number of persons who have travelled during the survey year.

The survey is carried out as a mixed mode data collection (web and telephone interview survey). Statistics Finland's statistical interviewers carry out telephone interviews. The annual survey is included in the January interview.

From whom are data collected?

The survey persons represent the population aged 15 to 84 permanently resident in Finland. The sample size of the Travel Survey is 2,350 persons per month and different persons are interviewed in each survey round.

Participation in the Travel Survey is voluntary. However, it is important to include answers from as many as possible of those selected to the sample to represent all people living in Finland in order for the survey to be successful.

What are the data used for?

The data from the survey are used for compiling tourism statistics, national accounts and balance of payments, for describing development directions of tourism, as background data, learning material and research data.

The data from the data collection are used in the following statistics:

Data processing

The answers of an individual person cannot be identified in the statistics to be published. The Statistics Act (280/2004) obliges Statistics Finland to treat the data as confidential.


From 2022 onwards, the data collection is called the Travel Survey. In 2019 to 2021, the collection was called the Finnish Travel Survey.

How often are data collected?