Our interviewers

Our professional interviewers

Statistics Finland has around 170 statistical interviewers that conduct both telephone interviews and face-to-face interviews. Most of the interviewers are divided evenly across Finland. In addition, our head office in Helsinki has a telephone interview centre with around 25 employees.

Our interviewers are experienced employees that have been trained for the their job. Already during the multi-phase recruitment process we pay special attention to the job seekers' interactive skills, customer service, and the ability to carry out demanding interview work. New interviewers receive thorough training for the job. In order to maintain and develop professional skills additional training and survey-specific training is organised regularly.

Interviewers' work is constantly and systematically monitored. This way we can ensure that the work done by the interviewers and the collected data are of high quality. The interviewers, like all Statistics Finland's employees, sign a pledge of secrecy. Attending to the protection of data is a prerequisite for all activities at Statistics Finland.

Statistics Finland is the only Finnish public authority established expressly for statistics production. Statistics Finland produces statistics and conducts surveys describing conditions in society. We do not conduct commercial surveys or political polls.

How do I know the interviewer comes from Statistics Finland?

Statistics Finland informs the respondents in advance of the survey by letter or email. Statistics Finland's interviewers always introduce themselves when contacting you. In a face-to-face interview, the interviewer always carries an identity card with a photograph. You can also find the contact information related to the survey in the letter or email you received.

If you want, you can ensure that the interviewer does indeed come from Statistics Finland by calling the information service of Statistics Finland's telephone interviewing centre, tel. +358 800 09191 or by email haastattelut@tilastokeskus.fi   or by contacting an expert of the Interview-based Data Collection Unit::

  1. Face-to-face and telephone interviews (Greater Helsinki area): Planning Officer Johanna Kuttila, telephone +358 29 551 6817
  2. Face-to-face and telephone interviews (Other Uusimaa, Southwest Finland, Satakunta, Åland): Planning Officer Essi Myrsky, telephone +358 29 516 310
  3. Face-to-face and telephone interviews (Kanta-Häme, Päijät-Häme, Kymenlaakso, South Karelia, South Savo, North Karelia): Planning Officer Marjaana Nieminen, telephone +358 29 551 3877
  4. Face-to-face and telephone interviews (South Ostrobothnia, Ostrobothnia, Central Ostrobothnia, North Ostrobothnia, Kainuu, Lapland): Planning Officer Laura Eiden, telephone +358 29 516 416
  5. Face-to-face and telephone interviews (Pirkanmaa, North Savo, Central Finland): Planning Officer Tytti Valmari, telephone +358 29 551 3474
  6. Telephone interviews:

Planning Officer  Veli-Mikko Palovaara , telephone +358 29 551 3587
Telephone interview centre, on-call, telephone +358 29 551 2777