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Press release 4.11.2008

New Internet portal facilitates searching for statistics

A new Internet portal comprising all Official Statistics of Finland, www., has been launched on Statistics Finland website.

The portal provides access to the latest data of some 300 sets of reliable public administration statistics. In addition to latest statistics, the portal contains descriptions of the statistics, quality descriptions, release timetables and other information necessary when using statistics. The portal is available in three languages: Finnish, Swedish and English.

The basic part of the portal consists of the system of Official Statistics of Finland, which comprises the statistics and the 20 government authorities that produce them. Via the portal the data stored in the system can be searched by topic, keyword or producer, as well as alphabetically.

In addition to the Internet portal, the Official Statistics of Finland has a printed publication series which has been running since 1866. Nearly 1,500 publication titles have been published in the series since it was established. Both the printed and the online publications are available in the TILDA database maintained by the Library of Statistics.

Statistics quality criteria guarantee production of reliable data

The producers of Official Statistics had committed themselves to upholding the quality and publication criteria for the Official Statistics of Finland. According to these criteria, statistics must describe society comprehensively, reliably and as accurately as possible. The data must be timely and as comparable as possible. They must also be presented in a clear from.

All statistics include a quality description which describes in detail the factors influencing the quality of the statistics.

The Official Statistics of Finland are indicated with a logo and symbol:


The Advisory Board of Official Statistics of Finland is the co-operation organ of the producers of statistics. It develops and co-ordinates the procedures of releasing statistics, supports the use of statistics and monitors issues related to the quality of statistics.

Inquiries: Mr Jussi Melkas, Chair of the Advisory Board of Official Statistics of Finland, Statistics Finland, +358 9 1734 2696,


TILDA database