News 18 Oct 2019

Statistics Finland recruits four Deputy Director Generals to support restructuring

Statistics Finland has launched a reform of its activities and the organisation. The aim of the restructuring is to change the activities and ways of working so that Statistics Finland would better be able to meet its customers’ needs and more quickly anticipate changes in society.  

The restructuring needs were identified in stakeholder discussions carried out in connection with Statistics Finland’s strategy work. Many needs also arose from more extensive changes in the operating environment.

Statistics Finland is reformed in stages. At this time, Statistics Finland is recruiting four Deputy Director Generals for strategic management. They will head four new strategic-level management entities. These are information process, partnerships and ecosystem relations, enabling services, and development and digitalisation.  

The four recruited Deputy Director Generals will, together with Statistics Finland’s Director General, form Statistics Finland’s new strategic management. The strategic management will plan and implement development and the next stages of the restructuring alongside the Director General together with the personnel. The new directors are expected to take up their positions at the beginning of 2020.

Statistics Finland wants to develop from a producer of statistics to a provider of influential information with the support of its 800 experts and support more efficient use of information in society.

“We have access to a wealth of information generated in the society. Our pivotal point in the restructuring is that the competence related to data processing and information could, in future, better benefit society”, says Statistics Finland’s Director General Marjo Bruun.

You can apply for the Deputy Director General positions through the service .

Additional information: Director General Marjo Bruun,