News 6 Jun 2018

Statistics Finland involved as Finland joins the IMF’s SDDS Plus system

Finland has joined the Special Data Dissemination System Plus (SDDS Plus) maintained by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). SDDS Plus is the IMF’s new harmonised publication standard for statistics that offers users uniformly presented data on the economy and financial markets of the countries that have joined the system.

The aim of the standard is to increase the comparability of data between countries.  Finland joined the previous SDDS system in 1996.

Statistics Finland is the biggest data supplier to the system in Finland and has throughout the project actively participated in the preparation of the SDDS Plus transition headed by the Bank of Finland.

More information on the SDDS Plus transition can be found in the Bank of Finland’s web service.

Visit Finland’s national data page.

Further information: Head of Development Paula Koistinen-Jokiniemi tel. +358 29 551 3362, Information Services Planner Sari Vahala tel. +358 29 551 6316