News 31 Jan 2020

Solutions are sought to reduce backlog in research services

Statistics Finland's research services are experiencing a backlog in the processing of applications for licence to use statistical data. Statistics Finland currently seeks to enhance the processing of applications and acquire additional resources to tackle the queues. 

Deputy Director General of Statistics Production Timo Koskimäki considers the present situation deplorable for researchers

 “At the moment, there is unfortunately a queue of nearly 12 months in the processing of data requests requiring complicated combinations of data. The demand for such tailored data has grown strongly recently and we have not been able to respond to this demand fast enough,” says Koskimäki. 

The increased use of statistical data in research and as a basis for decision-making is regarded as very positive at Statistics Finland. 

“We try as much as we can to remove the bottlenecks that make the use of data difficult. We have already hired more employees for research services and aim to gain more resources. At the moment, we are negotiating additional financing with ministries,” says Koskimäki. 

Ready-made data still quickly available for research purposes

Several ready-made datasets are available for research purposes, in which case the processing of applications and reception of data for the use of a research project is considerably faster than for tailored data.   

To improve the processing of applications, Statistics Finland has taken into use a separate job queue for applications containing only ready-made data. Their delivery time is two to three months. 

“We also clarify the application process and the instructions and forms related to our services. When all the necessary information is already there in the application and need not to be supplemented later, it will speed up the processing of applications,” says Koskimäki. 

Further information: 
Timo Koskimäki, Deputy Director General of Statistics Production, tel.  +358 29 551 3495,