This page contains a selection of software products of the PC-Axis family intended for maintainers of statistical databases at statistical institutes and other organisations offering PC-Axis and PX-Web services.

More programs and information about their use are available on the home page of the PC-Axis product family maintained by Statistics Sweden.


The programs are intended for producers of database services and other professionals in statistics or information technology. All tools are not covered by full documentation and product support. Use of the tools requires good knowledge of the internal structure of PC-Axis files. Read the file description before using the tools.

PX-Win (Old PC-Axis)

PX-Win is an end-user program for browsing and editing of px-files. The program can also be used for browsing PX-Web API databases around the world..

PX-Win setup - Always the latest version


PX-Edit is a program for forming px files from diverse data sources, manual editing of files, maintenance of metadata, checking of file format syntax, data combining, etc. Users of the program must have basic knowledge of the PC-Axis file format. The program has the capacity to process large files. Read the manual before downloading.

PX-Edit 2017 installation - Setup files - ALWAYS THE LATEST VERSION!

PX-Edit 2015 installation - Setup files

PX-Edit 2013/2014 installation - Setup files

PX-Edit 2010 installation - Setup files

PX-Edit 2006 installation - Setup files

PX-Edit help - Manuals and documentatio
PX-Edit_documents (zip)

  • Manual in Finnish and English - PX-Edit Handbook
  • Short introduction - Brief instructions in English
  • PowerPoint presentation

PX-Map 3

Tools for SAS

PX-Web references

Software of the PC-Axis product family are used by statistical institutes in several countries and by other organisations offering statistical services on the Internet. See References for PX-Web database solutions around the world.