You can download and install the latest version of PC-Axis2008 on you own computer free.

The program can be used in Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP operating systems.
The installation requires approximately 11 MB of hard disc space.

PX-Win (Old PC-Axis)

PX-Win is an end-user program for browsing and editing of px-files. The program can also be used for browsing PX-Web API databases around the world..

PX-Win setup - Always the latest version

PC-Axis installation packages

  • Installation option 1, ini file will be placed in windows directory. (zip) (2011-10-19)
  • Installation option 2, ini file will be placed in PC-Axis program directory. (zip) (2011-10-19)
  • Installation option 3, pcaxisen.txt contains information where ini file is to be found. c:\pcaxis\ini will be created for ini file and c:\pcaxis\temp for temp files. The user has the option to change to another directory (zip) (2011-10-19)