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Training course on the time-use patterns of Finns over the last few decades 19.10.2012

The course has been CANCELLED.

Every tenth year, the government statistical institute of Finland – Statistics Finland – carries out a comprehensive survey on the time use of Finns and publishes statistical information reports on changes in timeuse patterns. Information is released on work and leisure time spending, popularity of different hobbies and cultural events, time spent on watching the TV, using the Internet and doing other things.

A new time-use report was published at the end of last year. In summer 2012 the report was released as an English publication. The raw data were collected in the years 2009–2010. Daily, weekly and seasonal rhythms of people's time-use were also followed.

The survey material makes it possible to obtain information on differences in the time-use patterns of men and women, employed and unemployed, young and old. Differences in the time-use patterns of people belonging to different socio-economic categories can also be studied.

A training course – in English

Statistics Finland will organise in October a training course in English on the time-use patterns of Finns.

  • How much time do Finns spend on work and leisure?
  • How frequently are different cultural events visited?
  • What is the role of games and the Internet in the everyday life of the Finnish youth?
  • How do boys and girls differ in their time use?
  • Are elderly people spending their time in today's Finland differently from time use patterns 20 years ago?

A retrospective on changes in time-use patterns will be presented and discussed by specialists in the theme together with a foreign-born author who immigrated to this exotic Nordic country a couple of decades ago. Special attention is given to participation in different types of cultural events and other forms of spending leisure time. Presentations are also made on the time-use patterns of families with children as well as on the time-use patterns of young fathers.

The training course programme also includes comparison with time-use patterns in other European countries.

Participants of the training course will receive as a bonus gift the English Report "Time Use Changes in Finland through the 2000s". The printed publication normally costs €55.

Training course – for whom?

Any foreigner and person working in an organisation with its focus on Finns' behaviour and way of life will be interested in attending this training course. Directors and managers analysing the market structures and different groups' behaviour in Finland will find the observations and the material discussed in the training course relevant for their own work. The same goes for market researchers and different kinds of cultural promoters. Additionally, the much discussed questions of equal opportunities and welfare structures will certainly receive much attention in the course discussions.

Trainers and specialists

Three specialists from Statistics Finland, three researchers from other institution and author Roman Schatz will be responsible for the presentations and discussions during the training course.

Senior Researcher Hannu Pääkkönen from Statistics Finland is the leader of the training course.

Course details, price and how to register

Course duration: one day (starting at 9 am and ending at 4 pm)
Course price: €310 (+ VAT 23 %).
The price includes: lectures, course material, lunch, coffee or tea (twice) + the above mentioned printed publication
Course venue: Statistics Finland, headquarters
Address of the course venue: Työpajankatu 13, FI-00580 Helsinki
Public transport connections: Metro station "Kalasatama"
Last day of registration: 5 October 2012

Training course program
Friday, 19 October 2012, The course has been CANCELLED


  8.45 –   9.15   Registration of the training course participants.
Coffee and tea served
  9.15 –   9.30   Opening speeches
Petteri Baer, Marketing Manager, Statistics Finland
Hannu Pääkkönen, Senior Researcher, Statistics Finland
  9.30 – 10.15   Changes in work and leisure time over the last decade(s)
Hannu Pääkkönen, Senior Researcher, Statistics Finland
10.15 – 10.25   Short break
10.25 – 11.00   Time use in different seasons of the year and
recent changes in the use of leisure time
Riitta Hanifi, Researcher, Statistics Finland
11.00 – 11.45   Participation in cultural events and voluntary work
Riitta Hanifi, Researcher, Statistics Finland
11.45 – 12.30   Lunch break
12.30 – 13.15   Cultural structures, habits and peculiarities of Finns
as seen by a German-born author
Roman Schatz, Author,
permanently resient in Finland for more than 20 years
13.15 – 13.55   Similar or different structures?
A short comparative overview on time-use in
other European countries
Hannu Pääkkönen, Senior Researcher, Statistics Finland
13.55 – 14.35   Time-use patterns in families with children
Anneli Miettinen, Researcher,
Population Research Institute of Finland
14.35 – 14.50   Coffee/tea break
14.50 – 15.25   Time use of young fathers
Minna Ylikännö, Senior Researcher,
Social Insurance Institution of Finland
15.25 – 15.55   The rhythm of everyday life
Kristiina Aalto, Senior Researcher,
National Consumer Research Centre of Finland
15.55 – 16.00   Summary and ending of the training course
Hannu Pääkkönen, Senior Researcher, Statistics Finland


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