Price lists

Statistics Finland's products and services are priced according to the following principles:

  • Common principles are applied to pricing at Statistics Finland
  • Pricing practices are consistent irrespective of the person doing the pricing
  • All customers are charged the same price for the same product
  • Price lists for ready-made products and hourly rates for charged work are easily accessible
  • Hourly rates for charged work are reviewed regularly to correspond with the general level of costs
  • Price estimates for commissioned assignments are given to customers in agreed timetables

Products and services are priced according to business principles so that they cover all costs relating to them in the long term.

Price lists

Statistics Finland's release calendar

Prices for research data and services

Price list for public data as an excerpt or printout

Hourly and daily charges for work

VAT will be added to the charges at the rate of 24%. Finnish Government offices and EU companies with a VAT number are not liable to pay VAT.

Hourly charge for work subject to charge: EUR 65 to 130 per hour depending on how demanding work is involved.

Hourly charge for interviewing: EUR 30 per hour.

Hourly charges for IT and methodological work:

  • Application work EUR 86 per hour
  • Methodological work EUR 105 per hour
  • Data entry work EUR 45 per hour

Daily charge for consulting work: The price exclusive of VAT for a full day of consulting is EUR 880. This also includes preparation work. Travel and material expenses are invoiced separately.

The prices of other individual products and services can be found on the web page of each product or service.