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Buildings and free-time residences

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Free-time residence owners usually live in one- or two-dwelling houses
21 May 2019
According to Statistics Finland, over one-half of owners of free-time residences live in detached houses, that is, one- or two-dwelling houses. Twenty-eight per cent of owners of free-time residences live in blocks of flats. Eleven per cent of free-time residence owners head out to their free-time residence from terraced houses.

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27 May 2020

Description: The statistics on buildings and free-time residences are produced annually and describe the existing stock and number of buildings and free-time residences on the last day of the year. Light-structured shelters and kiosks, buildings used for agricultural production only, or separate sauna or utility buildings of the residential buildings included in the building stock. Free-time residences are not included in the building stock. A free-time residence refers to a residential building intended for free-time use that is permanently constructed or erected on its site, or to a residential building that is used as a holiday or free-time dwelling. Rental holiday cottages of enterprises engaged in the accommodation industry, buildings of holiday villages and buildings on garden allotments are not classified as free-time residences. Statistics on buildings and free-time residences can be produced by all regional divisions based on municipalities or co-ordinates, as well as by postal code area. Statistics Finland receives most its data on the building stock from the population information system of the Population Register Centre, into which municipal building inspection authorities report data concerning buildings that are subject to building permits. The statistics constitute total data.
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Change: Statistics on Buildings and free-time residences
28 May 2009
As from 2008 the statistics on Building stock and the statistics on Free-time residences have been combined into a single set of statistics on Buildings and free-time residences.

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