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The number of infant deaths lowest in history
24 Apr 2020
In 2019, the number of children dying at the age of under one year was 96. The number is the lowest during Finnish independence. The number of infant deaths per one thousand live-born children was 2.1, which is the same figure as in the previous year. The infant mortality rate of boys, 2.3 per mil, was slightly higher than among girls, 1.9 per mil. The lowest infant mortality rate in recorded history was 1.7 per mil in 2015, when 97 children died at the age of under one year.

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22 Oct 2020

Description: The statistics on deaths cover persons permanently domiciled in Finland on the day of death. Statistical data on deaths are produced by a number of variables including age, gender, marital status, native language and nationality. The statistics on deaths contain no data on causes of death, on which data are available from the statistics on causes of death produced within health statistics.
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Keywords: infant mortality, life expectancy, mortality, perinatal mortality, population, population changes, vital statistics.
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