Published: 2 May 2008

In 2007 number of deaths up by 1,000 from the year before

In 2007 the number of deaths was 49,080, which is the highest figure in six years. In 2006 the number of deaths was 48,070. The number of deaths grew by 500 both among men and women. The previous years in which men's and women's deaths exceeded the 2007 numbers were in 1992 and 2003, respectively.

In all age groups, apart from the over 80-year-olds, the number of men's deaths exceeded that of women's. The number of deaths among the under 20-year-olds was roughly the same for both sexes. In urban regions deaths numbered 31,940 and in other regions 17,140. The number of deaths rose by 830 in urban regions and by 180 in other regions.

In 2007 the number of deaths of children during their first year of life was particularly low at 161. In 2007 the infant mortality figure was the lowest during Finland’s independence. Infant mortality per 1,000 live births was 2.7.

Deaths by age group and sex 2007

Deaths by age group and sex 2007

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